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Terry Heaton, CIH
Founder and Principal

Mr. Heaton founded Heaton Environmental, Inc. in 1996 after working in the industry for many years. Mr. Heaton received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Brigham Young University.  He is a Certified Industrial Hygienist and maintains continuing education courses in Mold Assessment and Remediation, Indoor AirQuality Practical and Applied, Speciality Sampling Methods, Conducting Environmental Audits,
Lead Inspector and Lead Risk Assessor, Asbestos Courses ie. Designer, Management Planner and Inspector, NIOSH 582, and Certified Indoor Environmentalist.

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Kendal Kotter, CIE

Mr. Kotter joined Heaton Environmental, Inc. in 2000 after successfully running his own business for nine years. Mr. Kotter received a Bachelors of Business Administration from Georgia State University.  Mr. Kotter has extensive training in building envelope assessments. He maintains continuing education courses in Mold Assessment and Remediation, Indoor AirQuality Practical and Applied, Speciality Sampling Methods, Asbestos Inspector, NIOSH 582, and Certified Indoor Environmentalist.

HEATON . . . a experienced choice.

With Heaton Environmental...

  • You receive the quality assurance benefits of top management on every job

  • You can afford the most costly skills in the industry on any size job

  • You empower your property acquisition negotiations

  • You increase your real estate value

  • You minimize your liability

  • You assure the health and safety of people and the environment

  • You can usually mobilize all of the above qualities within 48 hours

Do others provide the same thing?
Not exactly. Heaton Environmental and some other companies do provide:

  • Mold Investigation, Remediation Design and Monitoring

  • Indoor Air Quality Investigation and Remediation Assessment

  • Asbestos Inspection, Abatement Design and Management

  • Asbestos Awareness Training ( OSHA required)

  • Asbestos Project and Air Monitoring

  • Environmental Site Assessments ( Phase I & II)

  • Groundwater and Soil Investigation and Remediation Management

  • Underground Storage Tank Investigation and Removal Management

  • Radon Testing and Remediation Management

But the difference that matters most.... Trust, Skills and Cost

are all found at Heaton Environmental.


Heaton Environmental, Inc., as with all companies, can be measured by its leaders, which is an
invitation for you to take a closer look at its president, Terry L. Heaton, CIH. During Mr.
Heaton’s 30+years in the environmental industry, every project he has completed, no matter the complications, received the client’s statement of satisfaction with cost, timing, and resolved liabilities. This is one of the reasons why more than 80% of Heaton Environmental’s current client list is made up of past customers. Trust is what you develop when someone goes the extra mile in providing service for you as a client. We invite you to work with the President and Project Managers of Heaton Environmental on every job, and we think you’ll come to develop that trust.


Underlying the satisfaction of Heaton Environmental’s clientele, is the necessary schooling,
training, experience, and continual re-qualifying, that assure you the maximum resources needed for your project are available. Heaton Environmental offers its clients graduate and
undergraduate environmental engineers and industrial hygienists. All specialists stay current by
training and re-certification through local, regional, and national training centers.
Beyond acquiring essential certifications and current information, Heaton Environmental offers
successful experience in applying these strengths to over 1,900 projects throughout 24 states.
Superior communication with you, our client, contributes heavily to our success before, during,
and after the completion of every project.


Another strong belief held by Heaton Environmental, is that we should offer our clients the cost
benefits of our personnel management and networking strength. With the choice to specialize in environmental project assessment and project management, we have produced an opportunity for you to participate in the benefits of our local, regional, and national network of affiliates, which we have built over the years. This means that no matter the location, size, or complexity of your project, Heaton Environmental can develop an execution and pricing strategy that will satisfy all your concerns. With no obligation to expensive inventories of equipment, or an oversized payroll, we have the freedom that “high overhead” companies do not. All those savings are passed on to you through Heaton Environmental.

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